Who are you? 

Have you taken a DNA test but don’t know what to do with your results?

Are you an adoptee looking for your birth family?

Have you hit a brick wall in your research?

If any of these qualities describe you, then you’ve come to the right place. Let Your DNA Diva get answers to your questions and break through those brick walls!

Your DNA Diva’s Services

1) I will review your research questions with you and help you set and achieve your goals

2) I will determine a testing plan customized to fit your needs

3) I will review your DNA results, interpret and analyze them for you

4) I will show you how to maximize the information provided in your DNA results and apply to your genealogy research

5) I will show you how to systematically work through your matches, how to communicate with them, organize your data, and determine which ones are good matches

6) I will show you how to build your family tree and upload and share it with you matches and DNA profiles

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