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I am available to talk to your library, genealogy society, or family history group. A list of available lectures are provided below:

Genealogy 101

“Climbing Your Family Tree: How to Get Started in Genealogy”
Learn how to gather basic genealogical information and organize it into a family tree

DNA Topics

“DNA Demystified”
Using DNA testing in conjunction with traditional records can provide additional evidence towards determining kinship.

“Running a Targeted Surname Search of DNA Matches to Break Down Your Brick Walls”
Break down brick walls and find common ancestors using this methodology.

“Narrowing down the Suspect Pool – Using DNA to Determine Kinship”
Y-DNA does not tell you who your ancestor was. Autosomal DNA testing helps you narrow down a list of suspects of potential ancestors.

“Who Stole My Bartlett?”
Sometimes a DNA test brings unexpected results. Learn how one family’s name change was revealed through DNA testing.

“Applications for DNA testing”
This talk will discuss the three types of DNA testing and how they are applied to genealogy.

“How to use to Optimize your DNA testing Experience”
In this lecture attendees will learn how to download their raw DNA data, upload to, and use the tools on the website.

“The 5 Stages of DNA Testing”
Taking the DNA test is the easy part. Figuring out the results is the hard part. Follow these 5 basic steps to secure success.

“The Wrong Peters Family”
DNA is often used to support claims of kinship. See how DNA can be used to eliminate a family of interest from kinship

“Y-DNA Testing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
Learn how to interpret your Y-DNA results, determine who are the good matches, and how to apply your results to genealogy.

Archives and Family History

“Louise’s Lost Files – How to Organize, Share, and Preserve your Family History Files”
Learn how to organize, describe, share and preserve inherited family documents, photos and artifacts.

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